LOOSE LEAF CO originated in the heart of the Blue Dome Arts District in 2008. This was the home of young, emerging talent in the beginnings of their careers. Here is where they built foundations and camaraderie in the creative world.

After 4 years in the space- located where the infamous May Rooms Brothel once occupied- LOOSE LEAF CO relocated in 2013 to the up and coming restoration of Kendall Whittier Main Street. The historic Rowling Building (once home of Barall Food Store, one of Tulsa's first groceries) became the new home and foundation for this group of individuals.

The space and creatives continue to grow- expanding into two studio divisions that house office space, work space, film production, and photography. 

An excerpt from studio mate Melissa Lukenbaugh's depiction of the first year in the space-

"When we sought a new home over a year ago, we knew the non-negotiable was space to breathe and room to make. What we didn’t expect to find was a home that in turn fed us. Our neighborhood has layered upon our projects depth, personality and a down-right dirty and honest sensibility. You’ll find decades of history represented in our styling courtesy of Jim (BIX) and two of our first collaborative projects together as Loose Leafers donned in our new studio courtesy of Matt Moffett (TGAS) and BTFYI for #MOTCOT.  When it comes right down to it, we’ve found a place that has begun to tell our story for us. 
It was this year, 2013, that we have started to realize our commitment not only to our new part of town but to each other. Darsh said it. Coming up like the foundation had just been laid and the structure is about to rise. A family. The kind you find in your daily grind. The ones, as an adult, you’re finally allowed to pick on and pick and pick and pick…. because you know and they know. And, it’s all good. The game is starting to change. These are the ones you now have a responsibility to. Without a word, you know. You sense when personal lives are compromised or when work should be celebrated and it’s your turn to respond. Weigh in. Or at least provide levity on the days it may not otherwise be found." - Melissa Lukenbaugh


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